Wednesday 3 December 2008

Winter warmer

From Friday 9th to Monday 12th of January we are organising a weekend winter warmer cycle tour.

Perhaps you've not used all your holiday days this year ?

It's a chance to come for a short tour in and around Assen in January and see much of what this blog is about over a long weekend ?

The photo at the top was taken on January 13th exactly one year before the weekend. The weather is likely to be quite similar.

Either bring your own bike or take a hire bike. We can arrange that too.

We'll not be riding extreme distances, perhaps no more than 60 km per day depending on the group and the weather, and with plenty of stops at warm cafes and restaurants between views of the countryside, which looks spectacular in the winter.

This is a cycling holiday, of course, but we will also have a programme of activities within a very short cycling distance if the weather is really bad.

This includes a short form of the Study Tour presentation, and some of the infrastructure presented on the Study Tour will also be shown off on this tour.

Cyclists are looked after here. You can expect the cycle paths to remain passable whatever the weather, and for there to still be many cyclists using them in the winter.

Full details are on the winter warmer webpage.

All the photos were taken in the 2007/8 winter. There are many things to see in the winter, including the deer which live right in the city of Assen. Would you rather come over later in the year ? Take a look at our other cycle holiday plans later in the year. We will also be running a full Study Tour in May.

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cocosolis said...

I don't know if trully segregated cycle paths in the UK are gritted on weeks like this very cold one we are having - there aren't any near enough me!

You're Ok on paths 'attached' to main roads (ie the 80cm strips of green paint) so long as you keep away from the kerb (which you should anyway). Off road, you take your chances - last Sunday I went out with friends around Radcliffe and Prestwich and it was positively treacherous.