Sunday 28 December 2008

Cycling in Assen on a Cold Winter Night

Cycle path clear of ice despite temperatures below zero.

Other cyclists left an impression on my camera only as streaks of light from their headlights.

The old barracks building from the other side of the canal.

Video of the ride...

Some of many bikes parked outside a bar in the town.

House boats on a frozen canal.


Anonymous said...

I am impressed No Cars in Town Terrific,and all the Cycle Paths Gritted.
If they excluded Cars from our Towns they the Councils would not bother to grit the Cycle Paths for us,Carcentric Ireland

Anneke said...

Is it very Dutch of me to only notice the wonderful lights in the city centre? The ones hanging over the streets. :) In my town there are those light too, though I like those in Assen much better!

Anonymous said...

Yes Anneke Sorry,The Street Lights are Beautiful.

It would be a Joy to Cycle there without constantly having to keep an Eye to the Right for Cars coming behind you. We have so few Segregated Bicycle Lanes,they are put there only by Accident such as on the Coastal Cycle Way or else in some of the Parklands.

Anonymous said...

The lights at night seem to breathe a different life into the scenes. My favorite photo is bikes park at the bar followed by the old barracks.