Friday 5 December 2008

Lighting on bike paths

Good lighting is an essential part of a cycle path which is to be used after dark. Without it, social safety problems creep in. People start to wonder what is hiding in the shadows.

While Assen is a very safe place, it wouldn't do to give people any reason to be scared to cycle at night, or for them to be scared to let their children cycle at night. So, here we have a rural cycle path at night, showing the lights which keep subjective and social safety high.

Note that there are no lights on the road at this point, but the cycle path is still properly lit.

Of course, even with good cycle path lighting its still a good idea to have effective lights on your bicycle.


Anonymous said...

I'm wondering about this: how far is it between towns?

David Hembrow said...

From place where I took that photo it's about 20 km down that cycle path to where one of my daughters friends cycles from to get to school. There are lights all the way, and I don't suppose they stop there.

Basically, the major bike routes all have lights.

cocosolis said...

All sorts of metaphores come to mind when comparing the blissful situation you describe, and our lives in the dark streets of the UK, where the onus is always on us to 'light up' - reflective bands have given way to reflective vests, jackets, trousers, etc. and one set of lights is no longer felt as enough.