Friday, 30 April 2010

Koninginnedag (Queen's Day)

Mark Wagenbuur has made another marvellous video showing scenes of cycling in the Netherlands.

Ideal for Koninginnedag, or "Queens Day", which is a national holiday here in the Netherlands, and is today. The 30th of April. It's a great event, with lots of Orange everywhere, music, a free market...

Mark says "This time the cycling really takes place in Holland (which is in the west of the Netherlands). In North-Holland to be precise, in and around the city of Alkmaar.

Since it is all windmills, tulips and bicycles in this video a bit of corny music seemed fitting. 'Ik hou van Holland' (I love Holland) by 1950s child singer Heintje, a street organ and on the accordion. You can't really go much more Dutch than this..."

The music is also used by a very amusing TV show with the name "Ik hou van Holland", which is not the most serious thing on Dutch TV.

Anyway, we'll be in the town centre enjoying the festivities...


Kevin Love said...

Here in Canada, the Queen's Birthday is celebrated on May 24.

Before you say "but wasn't she born on..." I'll point out that May 24 was the birthday of Queen Victoria.

Ever since, every subsequent monarch has had his or her birthday celebrated on May 24. And if that day does not fall on a Monday (as it does this year)it will be moved to the nearest Monday to give everyone a long weekend.

On May 24, I'll be out at the Queen's Birthday Parade in Toronto.

Freedom Cyclist said...

love it! can't wait to try it all out!

Frits B said...

@Kevin Love: April 30 isn't the actual Dutch Queen's birthday either. It's her mother's. Beatrix' birthday is January 31 when it would be too cold for outdoor festivities. And as her son's birthday is on April 27 I suppose Queen's, or in his case King's Birthday will continue to be on April 30 for the sake of convenience. That's how traditions are born.

Neil said...

I think in the UK the Queens official birthday is early June, but it's not a holiday unless you are a civil servant.

Strange that Canada use Queen Victoria's birthday but that we don't (given I don't think our date has any relevance at all).

Anneke said...

@ Frits: maybe a new law should be passed, making it illegal for any Dutch monarch be have his/her birthday on any day other than april 30th? :P

Anyway, I'm not particulary fond of Queensday. Boring music and lame artists. So I just stay home and make my own fun. :)

Unknown said...

I was born on April 30...I'm still wondering why we in Canada don't have a national holiday on this day :p

As for May 24, I'd hazard a guess that 99% of Canadians do NOT celebrate it as the Queen's birthday. Most call it May two-four, for a reason (case a 24 beer). It's usually considered the first long weekend of summer where the cottages open up and the heavy drinking begins.