Friday 19 March 2010

Three upcoming events

We've three excellent events coming up in the next month.

First, on the 27th and 28th of March (i.e. my Birthday weekend !) there are the Dutch National Recumbent days.

Second, on the 31st of March is a really huge event. Heel Nederland Fietst is a three year round of cycle promotion which has just started. On the 31st there is an attempt at a world record for the largest number of people ever to have taken part in a simultaneous bike ride. The idea on this day is to get the entire population, or as much of it as possible, to ride a bike for at least half an hour between mid-day and one in the afternoon on Wednesday 31st March.

Thirdly the Northern Recumbent try out day is here in Assen on the 11th of April. It's just over a kilometre from home, so I'll be there.

Cycling promotion never ends. While there is a lot of cycling already here in the Netherlands, there's still not enough.

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