Saturday 3 October 2009

Dog walking path

To read the explanatory captions on the video you must view this blog post on a computer and not on a portable device.

The sign says that dogs may
run off their leads here, but must
still be under control
Dog walkers can be a nuisance on cycle paths. Dogs which are not under control can be a danger to cyclists.

Here we have a solution. A dog walking path which is separate from the cycle path. It's also separate from the recreation and sport grounds, and its paid for by the developers of the housing. That's what I call "planning gain".

In the video, our dog, Harry, demonstrates the path...

We sell some solutions for carrying dogs by bicycle. There are also separate paths for horses so that they don't conflict with bikes and of course pedestrians are segregated from bicycles as well.

Harry also features in previous videos here and here.


Rob said...

Now why, in reference to dogs, do we insist on using the word "walking" when certainly here in the UK we mean letting the dog "have a dump where it won't be seen and made to pick it up".
Ok, so I had to lower the tone...

David Hembrow said...

In Dutch the verb is "uitlaten", which means "letting out". As most people don't just open the door and let them go, but accompany their dogs, this doesn't seem quite right either.

There are defined areas here where you can not pick up. Most places you're supposed to. The green opposite our house has a similar sign to that shown which says it's a play area so no dogs are allowed.

Daniel Sparing said...

Not bad. Sometimes one could joke around that Dutch are so serious road builders for all users that they have separate road (not lane) for peds, bikes, buses, cars, this time dogs... until they actually see this happening in Holland.

(An urban picture of road, separated bus lane, separated bike lane)