Saturday 3 October 2009


Two friends from Cambridge, Simon Nuttall and Martin Lucas-Smith, have been busy for several years working on Cyclestreets, an international online map for cyclists which allows positioning of photos on the map as well as route planning.

Simon is now up for an award as a "digital hero" which could result in extra funding for this valuable resource, providing he gets enough votes. Details of the award, and how to vote, are on the Cyclestreets blog.

The Photomap now has over 17000 photos on it from all around the world. I've uploaded over 500 myself, from all corners of the UK as well as here in Assen.

Any project like this only gets better as people use it. Please upload photos from where you live and help with the route planning for your area.

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townmouse said...

It's probably worth also saying that Cyclestreets is based on OpenStreetMap a wiki map. While parts of the world (notably in the Netherlands and Germany) are almost completely mapped, there are still many places where there's more mapping to be done (and it's a great thing to do on a bike)