Monday 28 September 2009

Left turns

Another of Mark Wagenbuur's videos showing cycling in the Netherlands. An older junction from the 1960s in Utrecht and a newer one in Houten. Look at the ease of use with the newer situation. No traffic lights for cyclists at all, and a quicker journey as a result.

Tunnels are not, of course, the right solution in all locations. Also see an even larger traffic light junction in Groningen which gets rid of the conflict points and allows crossing, and even making a left turn, in one movement.


Frits B said...

Easier and quicker, yes, and for city planners who see this: a lot cheaper, too, as no traffic lights are necessary. An economic advantage that is often overlooked.

l' homme au velo said...

Sigh if we could only have your Cycle Lanes over here. Perfect Peace without having to Look to your Right and left for Cars and to the other side in case you get hit by Doors. Dublin Ireland.

Daniel Sparing said...

@Frits B well the two roads still have a crossing so some traffic lights still necessary. Nevertheless I agree.

David, it was impressive, thanks for sharing!

Trick for the first type intersection: as all bike lanes are bidirectional, if the lights are red, turn left before the light (at 0:52) to cross the other road first contra-flow :)