Monday 3 August 2009

Discover public transport

We recently had this leaflet through our door. It offers the opportunity to "discover public transport", by giving each member of the family a one day pass to the local bus network.

The leaflet also points out that folding bikes are allowed on the buses for free as hand luggage.

Being able to take a bike on the bus is a very useful option. I prefer to cycle, but I've done this three times already this year to get to Groningen for work when it's raining too much for the 60 km round trip by bike.


Frits Burghardt said...

You did notice that this bus is parked on an exclusive bike lane in front of the museum, far from any bus route? It makes a good photo but gives a very bad example. My first impulse was to point this stupidity out to the OV Bureau but then thought better of it.

David Hembrow said...

Hi Frits, I didn't know if anyone reading the blog would know Assen well enough to spot that !

I suspect the bus was added digitally, as it would be difficult to get into that position.

I guess they were trying to show that you can use a bus to get to (or at least near) the centre of the city, and they picked one of the most pretty and well known buildings to put the bus against.

I featured cycle parking at one of the bus stops in the city a while back. It might have made more sense if they'd taken the photo there, but I guess it wouldn't look so nice.

The reason I use the bike so much more often than the bus is because it is quicker and more convenient - even over a longer distance. It takes really bad weather to make me ride the bus.

Frits Burghardt said...

Difficult to get into that position? Oh no, as the front door is the only place for the museum to get goods in and out, the cycle path is often blocked by really big vans. And visiting VIPs also need to get in and out of their cars right at the door. This is a spot where I need to tell off drivers at least once a week. I'm so curious to find out what the effect will be when Brink and Brinkstraat will be added to the pedestrian area. And Kloosterstraat for that matter, although I don't see how they would solve the access to Torenlaan then.

As for my personal transport in Assen - I walk, have car nor bike. It takes a bit longer, but I get there eventually. The walk to "our" dentist takes 20 minutes - I do read your blog.