Sunday 28 June 2009


A group of local recumbent enthusiasts meet each Sunday morning. The video shows the ride from a couple of weeks ago. We went about 65 km through the Drents countryside.

It was a nice day, so lots of other people out cycling as well. Not just to get somewhere as they do during the week, but in order to enjoy the countryside, which is of course easily accessible by bicycle.

Perhaps I'll be doing something similar this Sunday too...

Update later on the same day...

... and so we did. I wasn't sure I was going to go as I have had a cold for a few days and worke with a fever. However, it was another excellent ride. Very enjoyable, including the long stop at Anton's for tea. For me it was 87 km this time. I didn't video it this week. However, one part of today's route was this human powered bicycle ferry that I videoed last year:

Wilfred took some photos.

Update 20th July: He also made a nice video of the day:

There are other similar videos of huneliggers rides on this blog, or see youtube.


Anonymous said...

Great video. I REALLY loved the music too. Can you credit the artist(s) so that I can look them up?

David Hembrow said...

Simplesimons: I did credit the music already on the youtube page for the video, but not here. It's two tracks by endlos from their album "Kein grund zufriede zu sein".