Saturday 13 June 2009

End of week roundup

The Mango velomobile that I borrowed for a few days was great fun to ride. However, I had the small problem of keeping track of my possessions while riding. I lost my keys under the seat.

This prompted me to make a basket of the peculiar shape needed to fit beside the seat so that I could drop things like the keys into it, and I rode the machine back to Groningen without losing my wallet, keys or my lunch which travelled there in the basket.

The weather was absolutely terrible for the Thursday commute, so I didn't take any pictures. Regardless, it took just 53 minutes despite a mighty headwind and strong rain. Only my head was exposed and got rained on.

I also made some more normal bike baskets last week, including the basket of white willow for a customer back in Cambridge where we used to live.

I'd noticed last week that the rear tyre on my PDQ was badly worn again. I last wrote about this in November when I wore out the last tyre. The tyre worn , and now it's time to swap again. The tyre through to the anti puncture strip this week is the one fitted in December. Despite getting to this stage several times, I've still not ever had a puncture with a Vredestein Monte Carlo tyre, so I'm happy to stick with them.

We went to the Ooievaarsringen ( "Stork Ringing" ) yesterday evening. It takes place at Droonessa, just 6 km or so from home.

The first photo shows the unsuspecting mother sitting in her nest.

The mother remained remarkably calm when these guys turned up and took her children.

The ringing took place with a huge audience. Children were allowed to sit in front for a good view, but it was difficult to see past the crowd.

I couldn't help but take photos of some of the bikes that people had ridden to see this. It had been advertised for several weeks on signs outside, and as it is on my commuting route I'd been past lots of time.

There are very many more photos to view by following the "fotoboek" link from the Droonessa web page, and even a webcam. The birds are happily back in their nests now.

Finally, a video made last Sunday when we still had the Mango:


Anonymous said...

Yesterday I was at the Ligfietsgarage Groningen and I saw your home-made VM basket... Great stuff!

Rob said...

Ooooh! I wish I'd seen your Mango basket when I still had my Quest!!!