Sunday 8 February 2009

Another Sunday Ride

This morning I went for another ride with the huneliggers. It was a bit chilly when I got up, but it wasn't so bad when I set off. Just -1 C / 30 F in the morning when I left, and it warmed up a few degrees in the sun during the morning.

In the photo above, the ditches on both sides contain frozen water.

We met at the usual place, and for me the total came to 70 km today. Stopped for lunch at a beautiful spot by a lake, and I practised my still not terribly useful Dutch.

There's a video below giving a bit of a flavour of the ride.

I don't write about them here every time, but for more videos and photos of the regular Sunday rides, look at other articles tagged with huneliggers


Zyzzyx said...


Been reading for awhile now after I enjoyed some of your earlier videos of rides with the huneliggers. Very much enjoy your view of the Dutch cycling life.

I'm in Washington, USA, and the proud owner of a new Quest, received a bit over two months ago. I would so much enjoy being able to go out for group rides with other 'velonauts'. Your videos, along with ones from other folks, let me do that best I can.

And recently I've been thinking more about the idea of emigrating to Holland. Or Denmark. Or nearby. Not something I could do immediately, but maybe something to plan for 5-10 years out. How was it for you moving from England? What was your primary reason for doing so?

David Hembrow said...

Hi Ian, congratulations on your Quest. I'd like one too. We started looking over here initially because it was so amazingly good for cycling. However, it was in the end a combination of things. This is a very good country to live in, all the social factors are good, friendly honest people, and it's great for children.

Elle said...

Wow, very cool video! :)

I tried a few nights ago to record a part of my journey home and it was very difficult. It's funny, some of the things you mention here on your blog - like the bins for cyclists - are something I never see in our part of the Netherlands. My fiance says he knows of one of them on a road beside the motorway but he can't think of any others here. Maybe we're not observant enough!