Sunday 27 March 2011

Britain reduces the cost of motoring, battles the cost of obesity

This week in Britain:
Fuel duty curbs are multibillion pound tax cut for drivers.

£4.2 billion is spent on obesity every year by the NHS.


DaveW said...

Not very intelligent are we!

It is as if we believe that if we try adding 2 and 2 together enough times we will, one day, get 1 instead of 4.

Gary said...

Interesting article on obesity. It seems that greed & sloth are no longer deadly sins but have become a psychological problem & the obese are now helpless victims. While I can agree with this to a small degree (1%), to label those too lazy to help themselves as poor victims is just indicative of our modern society. Isn't it funny how car dependent nations such as the US, UK & Australia seem to suffer from psychological problems much more than the Dutch, Danes or Swedish? Regular cycling is obviously good for your mental health!

Brush-Head said...

There are too many motivations not to do the right thing. These days collectively we're a very lazy nation. Imagine the squeals of anguish if taxes were further increased on the motorist. We need a comprehensive policy on local transport including low cost & healthy ways of travelling including bicycles. Encourage those motorists who make long trips discourage short trips.

amoeba said...

When are politicians in the UK going to show some courage and lead instead of pandering to the ignorant? As a nation, we need to be protected from ourselves. The population needs educating as to the wonderful possibilities and potential of a life less dependent upon cars.

Instead, we are committed to 'more of the same', which cannot solve the current problems and is destined only to make matters worse.

Anonymous said...

It is part of the price of living in the UK. You have to drive a large car, even for short distances, you have to buy oil derived fuels and you have to eat and drink processed foods to excess. No one said it would be easy.

Mark Garrett, Bristol UK.