Sunday 15 August 2010

Rütenbrock 2010

Yesterday there was a race in Rütenbrock in Germany. Rütenbrock isn't too far away, it's 50 km between here and there. Last year, I rode over there with Harry to take part in the event. This time, Judy and I rode together. It made for a very enjoyable day out.

The cycle paths between here and the race are (mostly) rather wonderful. This one, for instance, which goes on for many kilometres, during which you can pretty much ignore the few cars on the road alongside.

There were four Mangos in the race. Peter's Mango Sport RE, Harry's Mango Sport, Wilfred's Mango+ and my own yellow Mango classic.

It was great fun. The Rütenbrock circuit is quite unusual in that it twists and turns on roads through the village. The road is a bit rough in places, and the corners are very tight for a three wheeler, with speed bumps and posts to negotiate as well. It's quite common to end up on two wheels on some of the corners. This makes it fun. Also, there's a great atmosphere. The course goes through residential areas, and people sit in their gardens to watch and to cheer the contestants on. Fantastic.

Judy took many more photos during the race:

(also viewable here.)

Peter made a video of the one hour race (and has his own blog post):

Harry made a video too. I appear in this one myself at 2:11, and Harry comments about my giving the low-racers too easy a time:

Wilfred also blogged about the race and made videos.

I was right behind both Peter and Harry for the first few laps, but Peter got away quite quickly, and then Harry did too. In the end, Peter finished 10th, myself 16th, Harry 26th after getting a puncture in the last lap and Wilfred 28th. Full results can be found here.

Ymte won the race - he often does ! Daniel Fenn was perhaps best placed to beat him, but due to a mechanical problem he had to stop. It seems there was a bit too much weight shaving off a wheel hub...

After the race Judy and I rode back home again. Judy's computer recorded 111 km for the day's riding there and back (and once around the track to see what it was like), which is a new record for her in one day.

And for me, I'd done the two races as well so my computer said just over 160 km for the day. It's also ten months almost to the day since I got my own Mango and by the time we got home, the total recorded was just over 9100 km.

Judy rode her Sinner Spirit. You can see the different Mangos available here or read about the adventures of my own Mango over the last ten months here.
Read my review of the Sinner Mango Velomobile.


Taliesin said...

Does the rider of a fully faired velomobile like the Mango get very hot and sweaty in mild to hot weather (15C+)? I've always believed that the airflow provided in an open bicycle is essential in warmer seasons, although not welcome in winter.

David Hembrow said...

Taliesin: I get quite hot when riding on any bike, but find it's not too hot in the Mango.

There is quite a lot of airflow through from the foot holes, and bear in mind that the front of the Mango keeps a good part of your body in shade.

Yesterday it was 24 C in Rutenbrock. I've also commuted when it's been above 35 C. No problem.

Anonymous said...

Thats why they race in Speedos ;-)

How come you didnt let Judy have the good bike? The Mango, and then you drove home on a unfaired? Perhaps that would make your speed identical?

Picture number 4, 11, 20, 22 and 33:
What is that thing you guys have added above the front wheel partially covering the wheel arch?

David Hembrow said...

Hi Jon, I did offer to swap for a bit, but Judy likes her bike. It's also "a "good bike."

What is that thing ? A piece of the bodywork which is cut out from the footholes at the bottom of the bike, held on with tape. We think it makes a minor contribution to aerodynamics at the expense of being able to turn so sharply - which you don't need to do at race speed. It's an experiment. Would you like a pair with your Mango ?

kfg said...

I must say that the overtake of the pushmi-pullyu tandem rather weirded me out for a moment - or three.