Wednesday 19 May 2010


On Sunday we went on the Sinnertocht. A 60 km trip around the Groningse countryside organised by Jan and Harma de Vries of Sinner Ligfietsen.

At last it really looked like spring had arrived, and we had glorious weather, though also fairly stiff headwinds. This is frequently a problem in this area. There are no hills to slow down the wind.

I rode my old Pashley PDQ and Judy rode a Sinner Spirit. She's tried a few others, but thinks this could well really be the right touring bike for her. It's a short wheelbase bike with full suspension, and a comfortable seat neither too close to nor too far from the ground.


blighty rider said...

Looks like an interesting ride with interesting bikes and scenery. Can anyone come along? When's the next one? ;-)

Frits B said...

And if any non-Dutch people wonder why the scenery is so flat: it's because it's all well below sea level, and the North Sea has no underwater mountains. Always a nice eye opener to visitors.

David Hembrow said...

Blighty: The Sinner Club organises a number of rides locally each year, one per year is organised by Sinner.

And as Frits says, virtually of it is below sea level. Some of the villages are effectively islands, so you go up a (small) hill, usually to where the church is, and come down the other side.

Assen, where I live, is about 12-13 m above sea level. However, my work-place in Groningen is some 20 m lower :-)

Anonymous said...

seems like a nice ride.