Sunday 3 January 2010

A ride through snowy countryside

On Sunday mornings there is a regular ride of local recumbent enthusiasts, called the huneliggers. This morning the temperature was -6 C ( 21 F ) and there was 12 cm ( 4.5 inches ) of snow, but that didn't stop a few of us going out.

First there were Peter and myself, we met Anton along the way and visited Ritsert at home. In all a ride just short of 70 km, and a lot of fun.

Peter also wrote the ride up on his blog, and in two weeks from now, Peter is leading the Noordelijke velomobieltocht starting here in Assen. The video gives a taste of what the event could be like.

There are more posts about huneliggers rides, or if you want to join in, go to the huneliggers website.

The bike I was riding was again the wonderful Sinner Mango velomobile. On days like this it makes a big difference to comfort to be out of the wind, and it's wonderful to be able to just wash down the outside and not have to bother about cleaning the chain (completely enclosed) or other parts after such a ride.
Read my review of the Sinner Mango Velomobile.


marcel beekmans said...

hoihoi.. moet ik u reageren in het nederlands of engels? hubbeligers is toch nederland?
nouja iig goed 2010

groet marcel beekmans

Dale said...

Great Blog.
Using video makes it so real. How do you transfer video to the web? Could you describe it please? Our cycle group wants to do the same.

David Hembrow said...

Marcel: Nederlands of Engels ? Iedere of Beide. Ik moet Nederlands leren.

Dale: People often ask, so I wrote up what I do in a post from a little while ago.

hercule said...

It's a pity the UK hasn't seen fit to make a sensible investment in transport infrastructure as the Dutch have - or look after what we have. Your site is an inspiration to move to the Netherlands!

The recent bad weather we've had in the UK has kept me off the road - not just because of reluctance to cycle amongst inexperienced motorists, but the inevitable maintenance chores that are required after riding in snow, slush, salt and water. Are velomobiles better protected from the elements? The rider obviously is - but what about the machine itself, such as hubs, brakes, transmission?

David Hembrow said...

Hercule: We do try to inspire the UK to follow the Dutch example, this being why we started operating Study Tours back in 2006. Eventually we persuaded ourselves to move over here.

Not all velomobiles are the same, but the Mango is very well protected from the elements. The fibreglass shell is resistant to any weather, and it fully encloses all of the drivechain. There was no need for me even to oil the chain after yesterday's ride. The hub brakes and pivots for steering are really the only exposed parts, but they are sealed and very close to maintenance free.

As well as having a huge luggage capacity (70 l behind the seat, much more in the Mango+), keeping you warm and dry and being very fast, it's also a very practical vehicle.

tvcommentaar said...

You tend to go north, do you ever go south? Beilen, Smilde enz?

Jeff said...

Gidday David
Great Video
I cant even imagine how cold that would be.It is 41C here in Port Lincoln Australia today and it is expected to stop that way for the rest of the week. Awesome infrastructure. If only some other governments around the world could catch on(Ours included)
Love the blog and keep up the videos and great commentary from a country that gets cycling right.
Compare your view with mine on the 23rd December last year.
We could have done with a bit of cooler weather.

Dale said...

David, many thanks for the link.