Sunday 21 September 2008

Cyclemania in Drenthe

Helen and Les Faber from Canada came to visit today (read their blog: Cyclemania). They've been riding around the Netherlands seeing different parts of the country.

I met the two of them at Noordlaren, just out of Drenthe in the province of Groningen, and together we rode south, through heath and forest, past ancient hunebedden and modern radio-telescopes eventually getting to Assen in time to catch a train to Utrecht.

The photos show Helen and Les riding on a country road just south of Assen and through some heath a little North. There are many small corners of the country that you don't so easily find without a local guide, as cycle route signs tend to send you on the more practical and direct routes.

There was too much to see in such a short time, so we covered as much ground as we could. I had a great time today and I hope Helen and Les did too.

Drenthe has a very varied landscape and really is a beautiful province. That's why we chose it as our home. It is not known as the "cycling province" of the Netherlands for nothing and many Dutch people come here for their cycling holidays. We organise cycling holidays here for English speaking people and we also have a slideshow of photos of Drenthe.


Anonymous said...

You're a great host, David, and thanks for posting this! Helen & Les fit very well in Drenthe! :)

Cheers, Marc

Anonymous said...

Hoi David!

Many (many many) thanks for the time you spent with Helen & I yesterday. We truly enjoyed ourselves. Those little "side routes" that only a local would know topped our day.

We would have never been able to find the little villages and other attractions without you.

A splendid day!

Les & Helen

PS In Gouda (just arrived by fiets!)