Tuesday 10 February 2009


Today I started a part time job at the ligfietsgarage in Groningen, helping with making Mango velomobiles.

I had planned to cycle there, but as it was snowing this morning so I decided to take my folding bike on the train instead. This is not as effective as you might think. It shortened the cycle to 22 km instead of 63 km (13.5 miles vs. 39 miles), but the folding bike goes at half the speed and waiting around for the train meant it took over an hour each way - longer than cycling the lot would have done. I'm hoping for better weather next Tuesday. Perhaps at some point I'll be able to afford my own velomobile and be both out of the weather and faster.

The video is from last Friday morning when it wasn't snowing and I cycled up to have a chat. Note the wonderful cycle paths almost the entire way, on which your speed isn't restricted by anything but your fitness. It's reminiscent of riding on a velodrome (the ultimate segregated cycle facility for those who want to cycle at speed). On a good day I can do it in less than an hour in each direction. With a tailwind it can be very quick indeed. However, there are also those bad days when there is a strong headwind in both directions.

There are also other posts about commuters, The Assen-Groningen Route, directness and featuring recumbents. A few months back I made a video about a journey in the opposite direction from Assen.


LadySheila said...

Hello, Mr. Hembrow,

Could you please let me know the name of the Dutch-style lock with which you referred at one of your other sites, "David Hembrow, basketmaker," I believe. You had made a reference about your English 3-speed, and about the lock being on the rear. Thank you so much! I love bicycles, and baskets, and unfortunately, you don't see that here much in the USA. (though I am trying to change that) Looking forward to your responce.

David Hembrow said...

I think perhaps you mean this page. Not the same bike as this post is about (if you want to know more, please email me).

Anonymous said...

I only use the train for commuting if it is pulling into the station as I am riding passed at the same time or I am tired.

My route home from work runs parallel with the train line. Most of the time I ride the 6 miles along the line and try to ride fast enough that I reach the station I would get off before the train arrives there, thus beating it.

This adds to the fun.