Wednesday 9 November 2011

Two views of the school run in Assen

Two views of the school run in Assen videoed by people who came on the CEoGB study tour.

I think it's worth pointing out that motorists have priority over cyclists at the crossing. However, the occasional toots you hear are from drivers indicating to cyclists that they can cross:

David Arditti.

Joe Dunckley.

If you start the first video, wait 25 seconds and then start the second, then you'll see two views of the same scene synchronized.

This is what it looks like when cyclists truly don't come second best to drivers. This is what it looks like when there are genuinely "safe routes to school". This is what the Netherlands looks like forty years after the Stop de Kindermoord campaign fought for the safety of children.

Compare with the chaos that still exists in the road where we lived in Cambridge.

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Dennis Hindman said...

Nice videos of a biking to school day in Assen.

There is a city in California that has about the same population as Assen, plus a commuting cycling rate of 22%, and that is Davis. The cycling rate in Davis is more twice that of any other city in the USA. The weather, and a university student population of 32,000, at UCD, are strong reasons for this high rate of cycling.

Davis has more primitive bicycling infrastructure than Assen, but it is very advanced for the USA.

Charlie Holland said...

Thought you might be interested in my blog on local secondary schools just south of the Thames in central London and cycling

It'd be great to have a link on your blog