Wednesday 8 June 2011

Cycling Province of the year 2011: Drenthe

Our local paper reports that Drenthe, the province of which Assen is the capital, has been voted as cycling province of the year for 2011. "Recreational cyclists find Drenthe the most attractive".

One of the areas of Heath in Drenthe. Beautiful, and with no motor access.
5000 people voted in an online poll, giving a score for such things as the attractiveness of the countryside and the quality of cyclepaths. Drenthe scored well due to the amount of space (it's the least densely populated part of the country) and quietness.

Talking to a customer in May in one of the ten Stiltegebieden or "silent areas" in Drenthe. This place is about 10 km from Assen and can only be reached by foot or by bike. It's very nearly completely silent. You have to get off your bike and stop to notice this. Usually you can't hear anything at all.
Drenthe really is a fabulous place to cycle. That's why we moved here.

We organise cycling holidays in Drenthe.


Mark W. said...

Congratulations! A well deserved first place. I hope even more people come to see it for themselves! And I know an excellent guide for them :-)
I was also happy to read that Brabant -where I live- came third!

Frits B said...

Addition to the lecture: these silent areas serve a scientific interest. Drenthe hosts several radio telescopes as part of the international LOFAR system which do not like interference from traffic noise (or rather the electric stuff around engines I suppose). So do cyclists and walkers ...