Saturday 25 June 2011

Cycling sisters

David is away this weekend at Cycle Vision so I thought I would write the blog for a change. What he doesn't know won't harm him will it?

A few days ago I was cycling home from college and whilst waiting to cross the canal a young woman and a little girl drew up beside me. The little girl looked at me, smiled, and said "fietsen leuk" - "cycling is nice". I smiled, agreed with her  and asked if they had time to stop and talk to me, luckily they were happy to do so. We stopped on the cycle path and chatted for 10 minutes and I took photos.

I discovered that they are sisters, the older sister is 19 and has just graduated and the little sister is 5 and has Downs syndrome. They often cycle together on this special tandem which they have hired from the local council for 4 years. They pointed out the waist and foot straps which keep the little girl safely on the bike even if she decides to ride "no hands" or looses concentration. Both parents also regularly cycle with the little girl and they have bought her a trike for later on for independent cycling. It was nice to meet them both, I forgot to ask their names, so thanks to the lovely cycling sisters.


Paul Martin said...

Great story, Mark. Thanks for posting it.

Paul Martin said...

Good grief, Judy, I'm sorry I didn't realise you posted the link (please delete my other post). I must have looked at the wrong byline and saw Mark's name.

A lovely story! Another benefit of quality cycling infrastructure and bicycles designed for ordinary folk.



Joe D said...

I was at a cafe by a river just outside Utrect the other evening. A local guy, small business owner, came in with his adult daughter -- I think it must have been cri du chat syndrome. They get around everywhere on their recumbent tandem trike, including proper touring. "I -- how do you say? -- fucking hate cars," he said.