Friday, 18 December 2009

Cycle rush hour in the snow

Another of Mark Wagenbuur's videos, showing rush hour yesterday in a snowy Utrecht.

Dutch cyclists don't cycle much less just because it's cold.


H@rry said...

Well, the snow made me walk instead of cycle ;-)

Maarten said...

@ H@rry: I think Utrecht had quite a bit less snow than Groningen, and you didn't think to use a car (not that that is a serious option).

Anyway: what I notice in the video is how many cyclists ride with no or hardly any lights. This evening I noticed the same. On a stretch of cycle path without any lampposts (and no adjacent road), there were quite a few cyclists without any discernible light. The only way I noticed them was through reflective material.

Now I don't ask that everyone starts using an B+M Ixon IQ as I do, but a visible light would be really nice, as opposed to these invisible lights.

krazmo said...


I've never seen so many cyclists together outside of a race. It's mesmerizing.

Mark said...

@Maarten About the lights. It really was almost light when I was filming and this is where a lot of cyclists start their ride (Central Station) so you see a lot of people just beginning their journey who didn't turn on their lights anymore. The cyclists arriving from elsewhere started when it was darker so they still have them on.

I think there a more cyclists than ever who ride with perfect lights. Very different from say 15-20 years ago when I sometimes felt I was the 'only one' with lights.

All the campaigning had some result in my opinion.

Frits B said...

@Maarten: the general idea seems to be that as long as other people have their lights on they will see the ones without. Stupid. I made the same comment on Amsterdamize once and got the reply that the non-lit riders were all adults so "who am I to wag a finger at them?". Until it's too late, of course.

David Hembrow said...

H@rry: Walking's not so bad. I actually drove as a result, which is nearly unheard of.

Krazmo: You should see it in summer !

Others: Yes, it is silly that people ride with no lights, and I have to say that I find that it's a bigger problem here than it was in the UK.

In fact, lights are merely a secondary safety device. Keeping cyclists away from the source of danger (motor vehicles) is a much more powerful way of keeping cyclists safe.

That is why Dutch cyclists get away with so much, yet are still much safer here than those in the UK.

H@rry said...

@Maarten: the car is no option at all for me, since I do not own one.

(I do share a small camper, but it was not parked at my place)