Tuesday 20 October 2009

Routes into Utrecht - Bicycle "superhighways" ?

Mark Wagenbuur has been busy making videos of different routes into the city of Utrecht. They were built at different dates but they link together as a whole. This is why cycling is convenient in the Netherlands. Watch each of the routes (by playing the video above and clicking on each of the boxes in turn) and you'll see true "cycling superhighways" without the hype involved in naming them in that way.

There has been much hype about "superhighways" in London, and given what's being promised it really doesn't live up to the way its being described.

We don't just get a bit of blue tarmac here...


Bob said...

Poor Boris.
Seems like enough of an amiable chap, but his pitiful efforts at changing the habits of Londoners only makes for good blogging.
Sad, really.

Oldboy in Brussels said...

yes, but Boris's strategy sets the modal share 2026 target for cycling at 5% of all trips. So we should not expect much from him in terms of cycle infrastructure, though we can congratutale him for the massive public transport fares increase that will certainly force more people into cycling! ;-)