Monday 19 October 2009

A Bicycle Superhighway - from the 1970s

Much has been made in London recently about how there will soon be "superhighways" for cycling, though what they seem to think a "superhighway" is would seem to be a bit limited. Copenhagen is also considering doing such things, and at least they are actually trying to achieve a cycling rate similar to that of Dutch cities. Over here in the Netherlands, direct and convenient cycle paths have existed for a long time. However, the Dutch are not given to exaggeration, and such things are simply called cycle paths.

Note how infrequently cyclists have to stop. Traffic lights are timed to be green on arrival for cyclists, side roads give way to the cycle path etc.

This is merely a taster of one of the routes. To see all of the routes videod, go to this blog post.

There are more examples of cycle paths making cyclists journeys convenient. Along with addressing safety, it's one of the things that is essential to encourage a high level of cycling.

This excellent video from Utrecht is from Mark Wagenbuur.

There are several other posts about cycling "superhighways".


Anonymous said...

I recognise some bits of that from September.

Mark W. said...

Yes that is very possible when you cycled from Amsterdam to Wijk bij Duurstede that you passed places seen in this movie.
At least I think that is what you mean ;-)