Thursday 5 March 2009

What happens when the cycle path has been dug up ?

On the way home a bit earlier today the cycle path had been completely dug up. This is, of course, no bother at all to the Dutch cyclist as they can expect to be treated with respect by contractors.

Alongside the cycle path in this location is a two lane road, which normally has one lane in each direction. Today the road is reduced to a single lane, and in using it drivers in the two directions have to negotiate. Cyclists have been given one of the lanes for full time use in both directions. Yet again, cyclists come first, and have the least disruption.

The video shows the temporary arrangement in use:

Explanatory captions on the video are only visible when it is played on a computer and not on a mobile device.

Cycling is always a reliable way to get about here. You don't find unpleasant surprises due to things like road works. It's all part of making sure that people always want to cycle.

This is one of a number of posts which illustrate examples like this. Please view the videos of the other examples.

I have other examples tagged road works. Also on the photos page there is a temporary bridge for cyclists.


Rob Ainsley said...

Sigh! I won't even bother to link to any posts or pics - you know only too well what it's like over here!

Anonymous said...

You're just showing off! :-D