Monday 2 March 2009

How smelly is your cycle parking ?

The red writing reads "an old cycle park can stink badly in damp weather". It's part of an article in the latest issue of the Fietsberaad Fietsverkeer (cycle traffic) magazine.

The magazine, printed in Dutch, makes quite amazing reading. This is but an example of the sort of issue which is discussed here, but which never was mentioned in discussions that I recall about planning or maintaining cycle parking in the UK.

The article goes on to discuss lighting, colour schemes, music (or lack of, and a proposal for occasional poetry in order to make older cycle parking seem nice again), all in order to lead to cyclists having a pleasant experience that they will want to repeat. The next section, "Warm welkom," talks about red asphalt leading into a cycle park giving a warm feeling of being welcomed on a red carpet.

Do you feel welcomed by the cycle parking where you live ?

It is also, of course, necessary to have quite a lot of cycle parking. I've other posts on this subject.


Anonymous said...

"Do you feel welcomed by the cycle parking where you live ?"

No. 'Lonely', is probably close to it!

Nick said...

I have to confess I've never used the cycle parking facilities in Eindhoven (I park my bike in the basement of the office building where I work), but I'm told they're all over-used and perpetually full - partly, it seems, with bikes that get abandoned there and have to be taken away by the local authority after a period. Currently a big new underground bike park is being built in the city centre to ease the strain, but it's been delayed by the fact that ancient ruins were discovered while the site wasbeing excavated, which meant that the archaeologists took over from the builders for some months. Should be good when it's finished though.

WestfieldWanderer said...

I don't use cycle parking 'cos there isn't any where I go shopping.

Probably explains why I bought a Brompton.

Colville-Andersen said...

Our building has three bike sheds and a bike rack for the 40 flats. They're all filled up nicely. The motion sensor light goes on when you approach your bike. It's always dry and comfy. I feel welcomed.

Anonymous said...

I'm satisfied with the cycle parking in our town centre here. Reasonably plentiful and everywhere you'd want it. (Covered parking would be a welcome addition though.) And not smelly.

As for the edge-of-town shopping centre, it's sparse, it's flimsy and the only bike I ever lock there is my beat-up old steed, Blinky.