Saturday 4 October 2008


I'm not generally a big fan of graffiti, but I thought this bit interesting. It's on a bridge support on the way into town, on a route which many cyclists pass daily.

No doubt it was written by one of the many teenagers who go this way, on their bikes, to school.

"Hi, sexbomb on the bike" - one of several messages written by someone trying to catch attention from someone else, while they cycle by.

Everything happens on a bike. Perhaps it occasionally leads to scenes like the previous post.

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MattP said...

"Oi, wanker on a bike! Get a life!" is the more usual way of gaining the attention of a cyclist in the UK. Being driven 'at' with the intention to force all 'cycling scum' clear of the road allowing progress of a Road Tax paying user is also a frequent experience in England.

This is preferable however to being spat on, garbage thrown at, and profanities screamed into your face by drivers and passengers.

HGV, van, and taxi drivers seem to enjoy threatening cyclists the most, who seem not to care a jot about your life.

Summary: Don't come to the UK to cycle - it's getting worse each day.