Sunday, 5 October 2008

The Hop

In many countries it is illegal to carry a passenger on a bike. Not here.

Carrying a passenger on a bike is legal in this country, and very common. Those who've been doing this since childhood have a very relaxed way of hopping onto a friend's bike as the lights change, which is what you'll see in the video.

A great way of transporting a friend who for some reason doesn't have their bike with them.

It's worth pointing out that at this junction, as is always the case at junctions in the Netherlands, when cyclists have a green light to go straight on, car drivers wishing to turn right have a red light. As such, there's no chance at all of a driver to your left running you over as you do this.

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coco said...

At work, in the yard where we all park our bikes (in Manchester), someone has abandoned an old bike with a built in seat at the front - identical to one I saw in a documentary about the Hindenburg disaster - ie in use in 1930s Germany.

Bit of a disgression: as teenagers in my native Peru in the 70s, we would load up to 4 of us on each bike (just as well, since not all of us could afford one) to go to the park, shops or just hang around. We were even known to tow a go-kart with 2 more lads in it.