Monday 15 September 2008

Monday morning...

Most of the shops open only in the afternoons on Monday. As a result, shopping trips on Monday mornings are somewhat limited and most people shop at other times. However, I needed some things from the supermarket so I went anyway.

Supermarkets in the Netherlands are always in the towns and cities, and always convenient for walking and cycling. They are not built outside cities so that they encourage people to drive to them.

Another view on another day:

As you see, it's possible to park your bike very close to the front door of the supermarket even if it's within a covered shopping centre. The video shows the same location a few months ago.

The car park isn't expensive to use, but it's certainly less convenient than this.

There are many products available to make it easier to carry shopping by bike.

I also made a video of a complete shopping trip which includes this shopping centre.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent idea. I'd love to try and talk the local shopping centre into that- as the local major seems to want people cycling more, he may be supportive...