Monday 26 December 2011

Dutch bicycle component names

Assistance with learning names of bicycle components in Dutch:

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Severin said...

Oh no! I am one of those people that made a request! (though I am going to attempt to research it myself because I find it so fascinating)

I have actually said to my girlfriend on several accounts since I started reading this blog about one and a half years ago that I would pay to read it because I am amazed at the quality of the content. And I would! You, David and Mark, produce exceptional, educational, enlightening articles, and videos. You have opened my eyes to Dutch cycling and ultimately inspired me to work towards the same here in LA, to strive for the best! I shared a couple of times in a class of mine that this was my favorite blog. I never hesitate to refer to you for myth busting articles. Anyway, thanks for yet an other amazing, enlightening article!