Saturday 30 July 2011

The CTC and segregation

When I took this photo a few months back I thought it illustrated quite well the type of segregation from normal roads which the CTC in Britain has always supported - the motorway on the left behind the barrier giving motorists a way of travelling faster off normal roads - vs. the type of segregation which they generally are not so supportive of - the cyclepath on which my bike and trailer and the child heading in the opposite direction are using to ride in greater safer than by sharing the road with the van.

Anyway, this is really just an introduction to something I think it well worth reading elsewhere. David Arditti has written a very good piece called "1934 - The moment it all went wrong for cycling in the UK" on the history of campaigning around cyclepaths in the UK.

I took the photo a few months back on the return run of one of my frequent rides to get bicycle racks from a bicycle manufacturer in Hoogeveen.


Michael S said...

Thank you for this link. Interesting reading indeed.

Kevin Love said...

I agree with Michael. Looking at the CTC website, they seem to be more about recreational cycling in the countryside than utility cycling in cities.