Saturday 19 September 2009

Mark's commute in the summer

Mark Wagenbuur previously sent me a video showing his commute in the winter, which appeared on this blog complete with a discussion of the amount of cycle parking at the railway station in Utrecht.

Here's a summer version of the same commute. Look out for the bikes around Utrecht railway station. There are currently around 14000 cycle parking spaces here, soon to be over 20000. That's for a city of 300000 people, so about one for every 15 people.

This amount of cycling is perfectly normal here in the Netherlands. So normal, in fact, that Utrecht's entry in wikipedia doesn't even mention the word bicycle.

I feel I ought to offer a prize for the person who can count the bikes in the video. No prize for counting the moving cars, though. That's not difficult at all.

There are other posts about cycle parking, including information about other places in the Netherlands and comparisons with other countries.


MamaVee said...

sigh. If only we had commutes like that. I think I could watch that all day long.

Maarten Sneep said...

The video says you can't take bikes with you before 9:00. That is not entirely true, you can take folding bikes with you at all times, and without additional charge.

Mark W. said...

@Maarten: yes but only if they are completely folded and then they are not seen as bicycles but as luggage. No need to go to a bike section then either. So the bike section really only is in use after 9.00am on weekdays.
Now if only all the owners of folded bikes would indeed transport them folded! It seems to me none of them does!