Friday 28 August 2009

La Vuelta is nearly here

This Saturday, the 64th edition of La Vuelta a España, one of the big three Grand Tours, starts here in Assen. The city is ready and waiting, there are Spanish and cycling themed things everywhere.

The scan is of one of the few pages every week that the local government prints in the local paper about what is going on in the city. This week, it's largely about La Vuelta.

There is more information on the city's website, the province's website, and of course the the official Vuelta website.

I hope to produce a better post about the racing when I've had a chance to see a little more. Unfortunately, I've been a bit busy lately and had no chance to get any photos but the ones of the additional street signs. There is a huge programme of activities which starts tonight with a team presentation at 17:00, but I know I'll miss that as it's the time when I'll be thinking about riding back from Groningen after work.

I will try to make the music tonight, and of course the racing itself. Thanks to a friend passing on tickets which he can't use, we've VIP tickets to the prologue on the TT track. We'll also be watching the riders racing in Assen on Sunday. They pass through the city three times, coming within 50 m of our home twice.

Anyway, I need to eat breakfast now and get myself to work...

Update a bit later in the day... This the team presentation which I missed today at 5pm. Apparently 10000 people turned up:


Mark W. said...

Gives me back memories of when the Tour de France started here in 's-Hertogenbosch. From what you tell us Assen is buzzing with activities too. Nice to be in the spotlight, especially when cycling is involved. And have fun as a VIP!

Frits B said...

But you did of course manage to grab one of those Vuelta rucksacks with goodies like a shirt, sunglasses and cap? There was a Spanish-only gentleman on Koopmansplein today who did a very brisk business despite the language barrier. And there were lots of Dutch schoolgirls showing Spanish boys around. Good for tourism.

David Hembrow said...

Vuelta rucksacks ? Sadly not. Where's my shirt, sunglasses and cap ?

I really feel I've missed out due to not having been in the centre at daytime. I'll have to see what's available tomorrow.