Wednesday 5 November 2008

The lonely bicycle

I see this bicycle nearly every day. It transports someone to the bus stop each work day and it waits here faithfully, panniers at the ready, for its owner to return. Rain or shine, hot or cold, unless it's a weekend or a holiday, this bike is here. Occasionally it's joined by some other bikes, but usually it's on it's own in this spot.

The bike is parked just a couple of hundred metres from our home. If we needed to take a bus from here we'd simply walk to the bus stop. However, by providing bike parking at every bus stop, it makes the bus useful to a far larger number of people. Click on the tags below for more examples of integrated transport and cycle parking.


Anonymous said...

What a great idea. Bike parking is so rare here in so many places. How I would love a dedicated bike rack at the bus stops, the tram stop, the trains. Even at some shopping centres you won't find anywhere practical to park your bike. Let's hope more countries start paying attention.

Anonymous said...

Interesting rack. This one far different from any I've seen in the U.S. The front wheel appears to be fully supported.

Kevin Love said...

Nobody that I know has a problem with parking in Toronto. The famous "post and ring" stand is very effective, and the City will install them on the sidewalk wherever anyone requests one.

They are currently installing them at the rate of 3,000 per year. More details at: