Monday 30 May 2011

More cycle parking at Hoogeveen railway station

Hoogeveen is a town of 54000 people approximately 35 km south of Assen. It's railway station, like that of all towns in the Netherlands, has a considerable number of cycle-parking spaces. Our local TV station recently produced this video showing recent expansion of both cycle and car parking at Hoogeveen railway station.

The TV people interview both cyclists and drivers. Both groups are happy with the new development. They also interview a local councillor (wethouder Hiemstra, in a blue shirt) who talks about creating a logical route between the station and the centre of Hoogeveen. More work is still to be done around the station.

There are now 380 car parking spaces, which is quite generous. It doesn't say how much cycle parking is provided (I read elsewhere that it's about 1250). A far higher number of places for bikes than for cars.  Approximately one cycle parking space is provided for every 43 citizens, which is on the low side as other places can have better than one for every 20 citizens.

As well as outdoor cycle parking, Dutch railway stations almost always also provide other facilities. In this case, indoor secure cycle parking (explained on the railway company website), cycle repair, normal hire bikes and also the national public bike share scheme, OV-Fiets.

Another view of Hoogeveen railway station:

Grotere kaart weergeven

Hoogeveen is also testing a guarded cycle park in the centre of the city. That's a nice development. I believe this is going to be free of charge.

This is one of a series of posts about expansion of cycle parking at Dutch railway stations. Trying to provide enough space for an ever increasing number of cyclists is an ongoing process.

Between May 2004 and August 2005, the oldest person in the world was believed to be Hendrikje van Andel-Schipper who lived in Hoogeveen. She said "Don't smoke and don't drink too much alcohol. Just a small advocaat with cream on Sundays and holidays. And you must remain active." I guess that like most Dutch people, cycling was a part of her life. However, she also suggested that "breathing" was a good aid to longevity.


Anonymous said...

I saw the funny side of the BBC news report announcing 12 extra cycle parking spaces in the City of Bath.
Mark Garrett, Bristol UK

David Hembrow said...

Amazing. It's Bath's three step plan for cycling success:

1. Say that you want "pedestrians and cyclists to be given priority over other traffic in the city centre"

2. Put in one cycle parking space for every 7000 people who live there

3. Make a press-release to tell the world how well you're doing.

Willeke said...

I was in Twickenham London recently and near the station they announced that there were 60 cycle paces, under guard by CCTV.
I have seen those spaces being full, all of them as far as I could see, every time I came 'home' before 7 pm. Later in the evening most of the spaces became available.
So even with the poor bike facilities people do make use of them and would like more spaces.

By the way, Twickenham has almost 40000 people, there are two more railway stations but those are only served by the slow local trains. I have not checked wether they do have bike parking though.

On rugby days 80000 people will come to fill the station and most locals will make sure their bike is not parked near the station.