Thursday 4 September 2008

Making cycling attractive

Dutch Royal Family Photocall
As I've written before, if you want cycling to be a popular means of transport for all, it's important that it is an attractive thing to do, and to be seen doing, not just something for young sporty types who don't mind a bit of danger.

Here we have a photo of a happy family on bicycles. Not just any happy family. This photo shows Prince Willem Alexander and his wife Princess Maxima in in a photocall with their three daughters. Tiny Princess Ariane rides on the back of her mother's bike while Princess Catharina Amalia and Princess Alexia are in the bakfiets ridden by their father.

They turned up for the photo call by bike. You can see more photos here.

With the right bike, in the right conditions, you can ride in nice clothes and wear any shoes you like. You can look good, just as this family look good. You don't have to wear special cycling clothing, and you certainly don't have to be a member of a tribe. You can be normal. It goes back to that pit canary theory. Some people seem not to understand this at all. Not yet, anyway.

There is a long history of the Dutch Royal Family riding bikes. Also, these photos have been picked up in some other locations too.

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