Monday 5 December 2011

Philips bicycle lights / new blog

I've started a new blog. It's to support customers of the Dutch Bike Bits webshop.

On this blog there will be articles about the products that we find good enough to use ourselves and good enough to sell in the shop.

There are twelve posts there so far and the latest is about the new Philips range of bicycle lights.

For years I've enthused about the Busch und Müller range of lights due to their high brightness and excellent optical design. My IQ Speed was the first light with which I felt confident to cycle at 40 km/h through darkness. While the B und M lights are still very good, the Philips range now offers better performance for a lower price.

For more details and a comparison between the different models, please see the blog post.
See our full range of bike lights

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Peter Kidd said...

The first link in the post seems not to work, but the second one ( does