Monday 6 April 2009

Seats for resting cyclists

The "Fietstotaalplan Drenthe" was a plan which ran for a few years to provide more facilities for recreational cyclists in Drenthe. This was in addition to the ongoing work on practical cycle routes.

The programme included new cycle paths, improvements to existing paths, and other facilities for cyclists. In this case the facility is a picnic bench on a cycle path for cyclists to rest their legs. So as well as all the normal benches, there are now hundreds of extra ones in this area which were specifically put in to be useful for cyclists.

If you want to encourage all uses of cycles then this sort of thing is important.

This bench is in the local countryside, and one of many which are passed by our cycling holiday routes. It provides a very pleasant place to stop for a few minutes.

The view is over the cycle path into a field which in the summer generally has cattle in it. On this winter day it was empty.

On the other side you have woods and of course there is a rubbish bin.

It's just another of those small things which makes cyclists feel like they are important and therefore helps to make cycling in this part of the world so pleasant, and so popular.

If you'd like to experience this for yourself, consider one of our cycling holidays here in the "cycling province" of Drenthe.


lehommeauvelo said...

That is very Neat,if they did that over here it would probably be Smashed up even in the Countryside.
I was Touring down in Waterford some Years ago and stopped for Lunch on the side of the Road.

I had to Lie on the Grass Verge,no Hardship as it was a Lovely Warm Summers Day. I made A Pot of Tea and some Food and afterwards had a look at the Cows in a Field. One of them came over and I Petted it on the Head.
However it would be a Great Idea considering it Rains an awful lot in Ireland to be able to Sit down without getting your Posterior Wet and have your Food in Comfort.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you blogging again David...

I thought this sort of thing was normal. Guess I've been here too long :)

WestfieldWanderer said...

Indeed, rest spots and picnic benches are a real "must" on leisure cycle routes.
Here's a fancy Japanese (really!) designed picnic bench on the Colliers Way, Somerset, UK

Anneke said...

I've always taken these benches for granted... :)

They're everywhere, both in the country and in the cities. In our village there was an initiative from companies and shops, people were asked where they'd like to have benches and picknick tables, and then a lot of locations came up. Every company sponsored a bench (a small metal nametag) and then most of the locations got a place to sit.