Tuesday 16 December 2008

Freezing fog

The temperature today has varied between -1 C and 0 C. Just below, or at, freezing point. And it's been foggy for the entire day too. Not great visibility, and rather chilly conditions for cycling.

However, the cycle paths have no ice and us cyclists are over here on the cycle path instead of mixed in with the cars over there.

The result is that there are as many cyclists as on any other day. i.e. lots of them.

This includes those three children riding along beside each other in this photo (one holding her friend's handlebars as they go along together) as well as the adults following behind.

In circumstances like this, the enhanced subjective safety of a separate cyclepath makes a huge difference to whether adults will cycle - or let their children cycle without supervision. Without cars, cycling is always safe, regardless of the weather.

There are other posts about cycling in winter.


Anneke said...

Oh the joy of hanging on someone else's bike! Boys always tried to put their feet on the luggage racks to get a free ride. Or tride to kick the bike next to them, which would then almost fall over... probably pretty stupid, as you could really fall over. Still, 14-year-olds don't really care about safety. :D

Us girls always grabbed each others handlebars...

Anonymous said...

Looks like Michigan (United States)!

Wow, looking at that the picture, I think it's great that you have that many people utilizing the paths let alone riding in near freezing temps!

Hats off to you!