Tuesday 10 March 2009

Ligfietsopstapdag 2009 (recumbent bike try-out day)

On Sunday the 5th of April we have the 4th Northern Netherlands Ligfietsopstapdag (Recumbent Bike Tryout Day) here in Assen. Just 1 km from my home, in fact. There's a lovely bike path from my home to the venue.

There are many Dutch recumbent manufacturers. The following of them will be at this event: Rainbow, Challenge, M5, Sinner, Nazca, Flevobike, Altena and Whike will have bikes (and trikes) for the public to try out.

Here are some photos of bikes from last year's event:

M5 recumbents.

That in the foreground is a very light and very fast machine of carbon fibre. This is a real racing machine, no mudguards and nowhere to carry luggage. Others in the range (behind) are aimed at more practical use.

Inside a Sinner Mango. You'll have seen a few pictures of these if you've read my blog posts about riding on Sundays with the huneliggers group. They are also what I have been helping to make in a part time job working for Sinner (a video of my commute is here).

Very quick, very practical and of course it keeps you clean and dry in bad weather (when the top is on).

A low and fast bike from Nazca, but practical as well as fast (note mudguards, luggage rack, suspension etc.)

Below you'll find a video of last year's event posted by Pjotr, who lives just around the corner. Much better than my boring stills:

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Duncan Watson said...

Too bad there is no Raptobike presence at this event. I found out today my Raptobike is shipping so it is on my mind :)

I do wish there were some recumbent events like this here in Seattle.