Sunday 30 November 2008

A cold Sunday

It was 0 C (32 F - freezing point) at 9:30 this morning when I left home on my bike. Slightly misty, but no snow on the ground. On the way to the usual huneliggers meeting place the cycle paths were all clear of ice and well used by people cycling to church as well as other cyclists going about their business.

We rode out into the countryside, along many rural bike paths, cracked ice with our tyres on the rough recreational paths which are beyond the reach of the gritters, stopping for lunch on the way next to frozen picnic benches than no-one dared sit on.

A couple of sandwiches and a gulp of icy water from a bottle and we were away again to cover more ground.

We rode past frozen lakes, through forest, collected a bit of mud on our wheels and saw mountain bikers, hikers and horse riders also out enjoying the cold and mostly silent day.

On the way back home we picked up some speed.

For the last 20 km it started to snow lightly, reducing the temperature from the peak of nearly 2 degrees above freezing.

Just before pulling back into our road my bike computer ticked over 95 km. Another wonderful ride.

Update 3rd December: Harry made a video of us. I should have added this a couple of days ago:

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spiderleggreen said...

Very cool! A little sporting club.

I love the dog. He's a real character.

Anonymous said...

I like the bikes, do you build those yourself, or..?