Thursday 9 October 2008

Never mind the credit crunch, walk the dog instead

I've mentioned before about how pleasant it is to walk the dog by bike.

Today was a beautiful Autumn morning, so Harry and I went for a bike ride together on some of the recreational bike paths near our home and I took some photos and video while we were out.

We rode past spiderwebs covered in dew and through trees, taking care to appreciate the blue sky, which is especially welcome after the rain we've had for a couple of days.

I was of course far from the only person out this morning, and Harry was far from the only dog going for a walk with a bike. The dog on the left was just leaving Assen as we came back into the city.

Where shall we ride tomorrow ? Luckily we have a choice. The many recreational paths provide abundant pleasant places to go on a short ride (and walk) out of the city.

The music is played by my friend Terry Clark.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know if it is the videos or the accompanying music, but I always leave smiling.

Maybe it is the richness of the photos and words which describe your adventures.

What are you using to take your videos with?

David Hembrow said...

Thanks for the kind words. My friend Terry is a wonderful musician, and I think his music has greatly enhanced the videos I've put it with.

The camera is a now rather worn looking five year old Fujifilm A210, which I bought very cheaply in 2004. It's taken 8400 photos and I've been very pleased with it. In particular, the colour rendition seems pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Nice video- Harry seems to be a bit bemused by the camera sometimes...

I've done a bit of research, and yes, it is permitted to walk a dog by bike in germany as well.

Pity I don't have a dog. Maybe when we finaly move out of the city.

Unknown said...

Hi David,

I enjoyed your video.
As regards the Netherlands, is it up to the cyclist to let his/her dog off the lead sometimes? Does the dog have to walk on the lead in particular environments?

I live in the UK and am planning a trip to the Netherlands in 2015.

Rob Fox

David Hembrow said...

Rob, Each residential area has a place for dog walking and officially dogs should be on their leads except where signs say otherwise. You an be fined if dogs do not behave. Unofficially...


Unknown said...

Hi DAvid,

Thank you for your reply.

Your information on this is much appreciated.


Rob Fox