Saturday 13 December 2008

Collecting the Christmas Tree

This morning I took the Xtracycle out to take some customer's bike baskets to the post office and also collect a Christmas tree.

One of my local bike shops turned out to be selling trees, so I went no further.

As ever, my journey was direct and almost entirely free of cars. A lot of roads don't provide through routes for drivers, who are funnelled together on what are often less direct routes.

The bicycle road along the canal is the most obvious example of this idea. It's wonderful to cycle along, leading directly from the centre of the city past the suburbs on the west where we live and right out to the new housing estate built on the very edge of the city. It is impossible to drive along this route for far, so the only cars you see are a few using it for access to homes.

The video shows the return route, mostly along a bicycle road:

There is another short video of the same bicycle road.

This isn't the first time our Christmas tree has been brought home by Xtracycle.

1 comment:

  1. Wait . . . a bike shop selling Christmas trees . . ? OK - works for me!

    wfiw - being car-free today, I walked for mine. But past experience had warned me that trees are heavy, so I took a trolley. It was OK for the 1km each way I had to do, but for any further, a Xtracycle would have definitely done the job.