Sunday 14 December 2008

Another wonderful winter ride

Riding a bike in the winter is a bit different from the summer. OK, so it's colder. However, so long as you've got sensible clothes on you warm up pretty quickly. It's very pleasant. The air is fresh and the sun, when it shines, is wonderful. Shadows from the low sun in the winter look amazing.

However, you do need the surface to be clear of ice, which it luckily is here.

When I left home this morning it was -2 C ( 28 F ). By the time I was home I had done 78 km and it had warmed to +2 C ( 35 F ).

17th December update. Arjen van Dam also made a video:

18th December update. So did Harry Lieben:


  1. Where do you get the music for these videos?

    How are Huneliggers controlled? It almost looks like a steering wheel. are the front or rear wheels steering? I'm guessing the front, with power to the rear, but thought I'd ask

  2. The music ? Top secret...

    The group of people is called huneliggers (it comes from hunebedden - the ancient rock burial mounds found in this area, and ligfietsen - the Dutch word for a recumbent cycle).

    The fully faired trikes are called velmobiles. There are two front wheels which are steered with a quite conventional handlebar and the rear wheel is connected with a chain to the pedals.