Sunday 2 November 2008

Riding with the huneliggers

The huneliggers are a group of local recumbent enthusiasts who go for rides on Sunday morning. I've been along a few times now as they're good company (ik begrijpde maar een beetje, maar vanmorgen was nog heel gezellig), we go for very pleasant rides and it's a chance to practice my Dutch. The children learnt very quickly, but it's more difficult for us adults and I'm still going a bit slowly.

This morning we started as usual with a coffee at a cafe about 12 km North of here. It's a point not far off mid-way between Assen and Groningen, and convenient for people who live in both those places as well as in-between.

It was about 5 C ( 41 F ). It was foggy and the air was slightly damp. However, at least it wasn't raining. Once you're wrapped up in warm clothing these conditions make for very pleasant cycling.

In total I rode about 65 km (we all start in different places, so each person rode a different distance).

At the start there were 8 velomobilists, five with Mangos and three with Quests. I was on my PDQ. Many of the same people were involved as when I went racing a few weeks back. However, this was not a race. It's a social occasion and a quiet ride through the countryside.

Jolanda brought her dog, Russell, with her. He's used to riding in the velomobile.

This photo and the one at the top are the only two taken on roads. The others are on cycle paths.

We stopped for a sandwich before parting and going home.

Where to next Sunday morning ?

Recumbent bicycles and velomobiles largely use the same spare parts as normal bicycles, but some parts are more suitable than others and occasionally special parts are required.


  1. What's "fun" in Dutch?

    Because that looks like a lot of it.

  2. fun=lol (and I'm not kidding you)

  3. Interesting bikes. Or should I say trikes.