Sunday 1 November 2009

Sunday round-up

We had a fair few visitors yesterday at the ligfietsgarage. One of our customers asked if I'd done anything with the video I took during the huneliggers ride last week. I had not, but I have now. Here it is:

We also had plenty of people trying the Mangos and other recumbent bikes.

Both the original Mango and the Mango+ were available so that the differences could be shown between them. The plus model builds on the original's already huge 70 l of luggage space behind the seat and has a massive 130 l of space.

This is a much greater capacity than any bicycle panniers you can fit on another bike, a greater capacity than at least most of the competing velomobiles, and it's all inside the aerodynamic and waterproof shell of what is still a very fast bike.

The black Mango+ try out bike is fitted with the new upgraded instrument panel, which powers USB devices and includes an amplifier and speakers. Ideal for those who like music as they cycle, or to keep your GPS or 'phone topped up.

Three weeks in, my Mango has done 830 km or so. At this rate it'll do about 1000 km a month, or 12000 per year. A drop in the ocean compared with those who've already covered over 100000 km in a Mango.

Finally, a new blog of note. Bob McQueen visited us in the summer and is now blogging about cycling in Leamington Spa. I have an interest as this is my birthplace !

There are more posts about the Sinner Mango and more about the huneliggers Read my review of the Sinner Mango Velomobile.


  1. Great... so my Mango (which I'll be happy to recieve march/april 2010) will have the USB / amp. / speaker option as well?

    USB is great for powering my iPhone and GPS tracker (recieving this week I think). And the amplifier is also a big plus. If I think of more suggestions, I'll tell you!

  2. Hi Wilfred: If you want it, I'm sure it can be arranged. Let Arjen know you're interested in the extra things.

  3. Oh my goodness - I am not a cycle kit fiend at all - my day to day bike is a hunk of crap, and gears and kit really don't push my buttons but I want one of these Mangos so much - just because they look so good. I just want to polish it - do they come in black??

  4. Mark: Yes, they certainly can come in black. Apart from the photos above, there's another one of the black test ride Mango getting admiring glances here

  5. Do you know if there are any extra costs for the black color (because it's not a standard color)?

    And what about the weight? I know the white one is lighter then the yellow or red one, because white is the basecolor. Does the black one require a white basecolor? And if so, what is the extra weight?


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