Tuesday 10 November 2009

Autumn cycling in the Netherlands

Another of Mark Wagenbuur's lovely videos, showing typical scenes as in every Dutch city at this time of year.

He says: "The Dutch keep on cycling in fall. Even in rain, wind and early darkness they just keep on doing what they do all year long. Roads are swept clear of slippery leaves and umbrellas and special rain-suits keep the cyclists dry."


  1. Love the video!

    It gives a real "feel" for what it must be like living where he shot.

    One thought rose to mind: I can clear leaves with a rake faster than the leaf machines were doing it.

  2. Great video. I need to get back to Holland soon!

  3. Kevin Love: But what do you do with the leaves once you have raked them out of the way? Let them rot and become even more slippery? The trick of these - admittedly expensive - machines is that they collect the leaves which are then composted for later use in parks etc.

  4. Frits,

    I generally heave them onto either a wheelbarrow or a trailer, depending upon how far it is necessary for them to go.

  5. Kevin L: That's what sweepers with big brooms used to do until they became too expensive. And then there were machines ...

  6. It's perhaps worth mentioning that the unemployment rate is low in the Netherlands is very low. It's perhaps not that easy to find people to do some of these jobs, whereas a job of driving a sweeper around might be easier to recruit for. I have wondered whether this is why there are all sorts of other neat robotic machines on the streets here, such as the ones which collect the rubbish / recycling.


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