Thursday, 5 March 2009

Job Vacancy

My friends at, who sell my BOB trailer baskets in the US, have asked me to mention that they have a job vacancy at the moment.

The position is in Flagstaff, Arizona, so perhaps only of interest to those in the USA, but click through for more details if you are interested.


Adrienne Johnson said...

Shame it is in Arizona, that would be a long commute from SF :)

i have a basket question- Does the basket help make the BOB more stable when loaded? I am having a big problem with stability.

David Hembrow said...

Adrienne: in my experience, instability with the BOB generally is due to the trailer being loaded too heavily. You could also try loading heavy things either towards the front or towards the rear.

Apart from perhaps holding some things more firmly (a loose load is not good), I don't think the basket has any effect on stability. However it is practical, and I use mine quite regularly. There's a blog post with video of one of the journeys I do with the BOB.